Voices of Zion

I remember singing with my first choir at the Galilee Baptist Church in Stockton, California, as soon as I could stand up on my own. During my lifetime, I have sung with six choirs,  and have been tremendously blessed through this ministry!

I have always had a song in my heart and learned early in life that  my heart was a place of secret devotion with the Holy Spirit.  Today I have many, many songs in my heart, ever ready, to praise and worship the Lord with.  Singing is just one of several means of lifting up his Holy Spirit and preparing hearts to receive the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ and His salvation plan for all mankind. I am privileged to use this voice God has given me as a natural instrument to lift up the name of Jesus: the name which is above every name!  To praise the Lord is such a natural thing to do! And what better way to praise Him, than to sing His praises?  It is with honor, and for God's glory, that I serve as President of The Voices of Zion.



Colossians 3:1-11